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Accumulation of dead skin cells inside and outside the pores can lead to clogging, uneven texture, poor lotion absorption and poor release of oil.  Regular exfoliation can go a long way to help your skin rid itself of blackheads, blemishes, and even fine lines and uneven color.  Clicking on each product will provide further descriptions so you can decide which exfoliator is right for you.


Mark Lees Alphaplex

AHA/BHA gel serum for congested, oily skin with blackheads, blemishes, and/or large pores

Mark Lees Alpha Advance

AHA liquid serum for congested, combination-dry skin with blackheads, pigmentation issues, and/or fine lines


P4 Clearing Mask

and Pen

salicylic acid and enzyme gel mask for congested, blemished, irritated and dehydrated skin.


the pen is an amazing nightly spot treatment

Exfoliating Spa Gloves and Cloth

for body breakouts, ingrown hairs,

and better lotion absorption.  

not for use on the face

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Papaya-Pumice Clay-Scrub

for all skin types, customizable all-in-one scrub/mask combo mixed yourself fresh at home


Multi-AHA Serum

AHA serum for congested, dehydrated skin with blackheads, blemishes, and

fine lines



Mandelic Acid

5% and 10% Serum

AHA serum for inflamed acne breakouts with tendency toward post inflammatory hyperpigmentation