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Daniela's Papaya-Pumice


Full kit includes :  4oz Clay-Scrub Powder, mixing cup, spatula, scoop, and mask brush

one of Daniela's most innovative creations, this 4-way mask and scrub kit gives you the best of the salon at home.  handcrafted with 2 fruit enzymes, 3 kinds of clay, soothing allantoin from comfrey, anti-inflammatory iron oxides, and crushed pumice, this mask begins as a scrub that loosens dead cells, enhancing the drawing action of the clay.  as the clays work their magic absorbing excess oil and drawing out impurities, going even further are fruit enzymes that dissolve dead skin cells, “digesting” them until they're ready to be whisked away by pumice grains once again as the mask is rinsed off.  great for giving yourself a once-a-week facial at home, for smooth, clear, decongested skin.  

for an occasional quick pick-me-up when your skin is looking dull or feeling a little rough, this is a perfect go-to scrub when mixed into a small amount of cleanser in your hand.

and, as you can see, it also makes a pretty gift !

directions for use as a scrub only :  after initial pre-wash with your cleanser, place 1-3 scoops Clay-Scrub Powder in your palm, mix together with an additional small amount of cleanser, apply evenly onto moistened skin, massage in gentle, circular motions for 20-30 seconds, add water as necessary.  rinse very well, pat dry.  follow with your toner.  please note that mixing this with cleanser renders the fruit enzymes ineffective, which makes this a manual scrub only.

directions for use as a mask :  place 4-5 scoops of clay powder into mixing cup.  add 1-2 teaspoons of any of the suggested liquids or solids listed below.  mix thoroughly with spatula.  consistency should be like thick pancake batter.  for further advice on what liquid or solid is best for your skin's condition, feel free to email Daniela.  apply with fan brush or fingers evenly onto skin.  massaging first as a scrub for 20 seconds will start to loosen dead cells which will make way for a greater drawing action of the clay and further exfoliation of the fruit enzymes.  wait 10 minutes (does not have to dry), rinse with cool water.  follow with toner, then hydrator or sunscreen.

suggestions for mask mixtures based on skin type :

(inflamed acne needs a different mask, please email Daniela for advice)

oily skin with blackheads and some blemishes - nonfat plain yogurt & green tea

oily skin with blackheads and no blemishes - nonfat plain yogurt & black tea

oily skin that feels very dehydrated - any nighttime moisturizer

dry, dull skin - mashed avocado or full-fat plain yogurt

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Full Kit                                    30.00

Powder Refill:                      20.00

(bag only - keep your jar!)

Travel Kit                               15.00

sample                                      5.00

New!  Travel Kit

Kit includes :  

1oz Clay-Scrub Powder, mixing cup,

spatula, scoop,

and mini mask brush

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