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Preventing breakouts and keeping skin hydrated starts with using moisturizers that put water into the skin and don't clog pores with fatty, waxy ingredients.  These nighttime moisturizers are comfortable hydrators that help in many different ways while skin renews itself as you sleep.  Clicking on each product will provide further descriptions so you can decide which moisturizer is right for you.


Mark Lees Hydrafluide

for dehydrated combination skin with needs that differ daily

Daniela's Oil-Free Hydrating Fluid

balances oil and water levels for oily, dehydrated, congested skin

Mark Lees

Calm & Restore

for sensitive dehydrated skin with aging concerns


Calming Bio-Lipid Repair Fluid

for sensitive non-acne skin with redness, irritation, and dehydration

Daniela's Soothe and Defend HydraGel

for acne-prone, slightly dehydrated, blemished skin

Mark Lees Firm Resolution Crème

for dehydrated, aging, lined, sagging, acne-prone skin

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Triple C&E Complex

for non-acne skin with sun damage, pigmentation issues and blackheads with no breakouts