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Exfoliating Spa Gloves

for body breakouts, dry and rough skin, and ingrown hairs, use every time you shower to loosen dead and dry skin and hairs that have grown underneath the skin.  not for use on the face.  lasts about a year when kept away from shower stream while not in use and allowed to air dry.  a new pair is needed only when the elasticity in the gloves runs out.  machine washable, but not necessary.  can be cleaned with antibacterial hand soap.  dries hard when hung up to dry, so bacteria and mold will not become a problem.

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Exfoliating Shimmy Cloth

like the exfoliating gloves, this cloth shaped like a scarf is great for body breakouts, but is especially great for the back!  hold each side and shimmy back and forth reaching the entire back, under thighs, even the bottoms of your feet.  upkeep is the same as the gloves, but may last even longer because there is no elasticity to lose.  just hang to dry and machine wash every once in a while.  dries hard when hung up to dry, so bacteria and mold will not become a problem.

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Watch the video below to learn how to use exfoliating gloves or cloths

to best prepare your skin for application of selfless tanner!