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Redness, fine lines, uneven texture and color, sensitivity, loss of firmness, dehydration, hyperpigmentation - all of these are problems many skin care lines address, but too often making breakout-prone skin react.  Here are must-haves that can address just about any skincare trouble you have.  Clicking on each product will provide further descriptions so you can decide which problem solver is right for you.


Daniela's Activating Liposome Complex

for oily skin with inflamed blemishes and irritated areas


R-Relief Serum

for inflamed acne

also for rosacea skin with chronic redness

Mark Lees Strataserum Advance

for blemished, damaged, acne-prone skin, also for pigmentation issues

Mark Lees Firm Resolution Serum

for blemished, damaged, pigmented, lined or sagging acne-prone skin

Daniela's Antioxidant

Defense Complex

for non-acne skin with pigmentation issues and/or damage from sun and stress

Daniela's Moisture Boost Hydragel

for dehydrated non-acne skin that never seems to get enough moisture, and for all skin types when used right before boarding a flight.  also can be used as a moisturizer for very oily skin that never breaks out

Mark Lees

Intensive Lipid Serum

for dry or sensitive skin needing extra repair and protection from the environment

Daniela's Instant Calm Ultra Complex

for non-acne sensitive skin needing immediate relief

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