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Preventing breakouts and keeping skin hydrated starts with using SPF moisturizers that put water into the skin and don't clog pores with fatty, waxy ingredients.  These sunscreens are full spectrum and don't require extra lotions to keep skin moist.  Clicking on each product will provide further descriptions so you can decide which sunscreen is right for you.


Mark Lees

Essential Daily Protection SPF 30

for acne-prone skin that needs extra help rebuilding surface integrity as well as extra hydration

Mark Lees

Daily Prevention SPF 15

for oily and sensitive dehydrated skin allergic to most sunscreens.  not physical-only, but tolerated by vast majority of those who have tried it.  also can be used around the eyes.  a comfortable, light lotion for any skin type.

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Mark Lees

Strataguard SPF15

So sorry, this product has been discontinued