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Return Policy for Products

At Daniela's Facial Studio® quality and integrity are top priority.  The best way to serve your skin's needs is to make sure you have the right products for your skin, with total involvement in your purchase decisions, rather than leave you out in the cold to self-diagnose and spend your money by trial and error.  Therefore, the return policies are strict in order to be able to fully serve you.  If you are not sure what products will be right for you, or if you think you might have reactions, please contact Daniela for help on choosing samples of products to try.  Please keep in mind, samples do not serve the purpose of finding out if a product works (please see below for samples policy). We're only looking for adverse reactions, and whether or not they are pleasant to use.  Acne clearing takes much more time than samples allow!

Returns due to allergic reaction must be made within 7 days, with the allergic reaction made visible in person or by emailed photo, for refund or exchange.

Returns due to general dissatisfaction with the product are up to Daniela's discretion and must be made within 14 days of purchase, for store credit only - please order samples first in order to be more certain of your purchases.  Please email Daniela to discuss your return.

No returns will be accepted for makeup, no exceptions.  Please purchase sample trios to try colors out before you purchase full sizes.

Because of the high level of communication and the availability of samples, return policies will be strictly enforced.

Cancellation Policy For Services

24 hour notice required.

Cancellations must be made more than 24 hours in advance.  Upon the first cancellation under 24 hours, you will be charged half the amount of the cancelled booking.  Upon the second cancellation you will be charged the full amount.  After the third cancellation, you will not be invited to book again.  Cancellation policy will be strictly enforced.

Credit card numbers are not kept on file.

Accepted Payments :




CASH (in salon only)

CHECKS (in salon only)

Please note :  Daniela's Facial Studio will not be responsible

for any lost or stolen shipments in transit or on arrival.

If you think this may happen, please choose

a more secure address for shipment.

so sorry, shipping is not available outside the U.S.

For pickup, Daniela's Facial Studio will not be responsible

for replacing any product stolen from the pickup box.

Policy for Samples

Samples are available in limited quantities.  Daniela reserves the right to not send all samples that are ordered.  If you find that you want to try many different products, please fill out the form for a free Eval by Email® Online Skincare Consultation, so that together we can determine what will be best for your skin.  If you're ordering for travel purposes, please understand, samples may be available for free but they do cost money to make. Samples of products you've already purchased in the past, or have tried in the past, will not be sent.

Samples are designed to last only 1-2 days, and are provided not only to see how you like them, but mainly to see if there are any adverse reactions.  We are NOT looking to see whether or not they work - quality products take time to do their magic.  Many people see a difference right away, but results vary from person to person.  Email consultation is encouraged.