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Mandelic-Lactic Serum

for ingrown hair and body acne issues

for inflamed ingrown hair issues and body breakouts with redness and irritation.  mandelic acid is a unique AHA, as it exfoliates from inside and outside pores like all AHAs but in addition helps clear and prevent the pigmentation issues that come with inflammation.  lactic acid is among the longer lasting AHAs, which means your ingrown hair and body breakout issues will have ongoing attention long after application.  anti-redness niacinamide rounds out this amazing, non-drying, alcohol-free serum.  

must be used with sunscreen every two-three hours during sun exposure.

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1 oz               35.00

sample        5.00

directions :  on blemished body areas, or areas of ingrown hairs, apply twice a day until the problem clears.  for more effective prevention let absorb completely before using Daniela's FerroRosa FrictionFix®.  works especially well after using exfoliating gloves in the shower.  all three of these are available in a smart package in full and try-me sizes!

do not use on almost-waxed or just-waxed skin;  

leave a 3-day window before and after waxing.

Full size should last 2 months used twice a day

Travel size in the Triple Threat trial package should last 10 days

Sample size contains 2 uses