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What about teen acne?

Why is the focus and expertise at Daniela's Facial Studio only in Adult Acne, and why does this mean 24 years old and up?  

For those who are 23 years of age and under, acne is actually still teen acne, believe it or not.  The development of hair follicles and oil glands stop at around 23 years of age, and therefore, acne clearing before that has a different approach.  

Although all acne is “hormonal” in one way or another, oil glands and follicles still developing, along with the tail end of hormonal development, can mean the focus must be on oil control and bacterial management.  

Thing is, this is often not helped very much by facials, because the challenge is to keep ahead of acne formation in pores that may not be yet fully developed.  The truth is, this is simply an approach for which there are a plethora of avenues to choose from, unlike Daniela's focus.  Adult Acne with aging concerns is a largely unaddressed problem.  Expertise on Adult Acne is somewhat rare, as are products specifically designed for the needs of acne-prone adults who are looking also for anti-aging.

However, fear not !  There are guidelines anyone in their teens or early 20's can follow, using Daniela's amazing skincare products.  Daniela is still available for questions and advice on how to use her products to get your skin clear and keep it that way.

A good skincare routine doesn't have to be complicated but it does have to be consistent.  

Follow these guidelines :

1)  You must wash your face with a gel cleanser twice a day!  Your cleanser should rinse easily while not leaving your skin tight or dry.  If your skin feels tight after patting dry, your skin will respond to the resulting imbalance by producing more oil.  If your cleanser doesn't rinse easily, your skin might not get clean enough.

2)  Toner is an extremely important part of acne clearing, as it allows your skin to be more hydrated and pH balanced, which helps your skin deal with excess oil.  Your toner should only have alcohol if it has Salicylic Acid, which is only appropriate for people who get shiny within 2-3 hours of washing in the morning.  If you get oily only after that, you need an alcohol-free toner, which will really help with blackheads because this kind of toner can keep your skin pliable.  Splash or spray it on, don't use it to "continue the cleansing process”.  If you use cotton, don't be concerned that you see dark material there.  That's not dirt, it's actually dead skin cells.  There is no need to continue rubbing until you see a clean pad - you'll only irritate your skin that way, which can lead to irritated breakouts.  If you see makeup, it means your makeup remover is inadequate, not your cleanser.

3)  You must use a non-pore-clogging SPF every day no matter what the weather because healing acne lesions that become "dark marks" will get darker with sun exposure!

4)  Not everyone needs a nighttime moisturizer when you're a teen if you're very oily (this is not true of adults!).  If at night after splashing or spraying your face with toner you feel dry after 20 minutes, then you need a non-clogging nighttime lotion.  If you don't, then you don't.  Most moisturizers out there are extremely pore clogging, so it's important that if you do use one, you get it only from a licensed skincare professional that understands acne and ingredients.  “Oil Free” can sometimes be a red flag!

5)  If you have “dark marks” to get rid of, just know that they mostly come from picking.  Breaking out less and not picking is the best way to get rid of them.  Getting rid of the ones you already have requires AHAs, antioxidant serums and hydrating sunscreen.  Nothing you can buy at the drugstore or department store will be strong enough to get rid of your dark marks in any timely manner.  Prescriptions can often be too strong, or formulated with base ingredients that will clog your pores and make you break out again months later.  If you want to get rid of them effectively, this is where things can get a little pricey.  There's nothing wrong with waiting until they go away by themselves, as long as there is obsession with sunscreen, and NO PICKING.

6)  If you're using any acne med like Benzoyl Peroxide (BPO), nighttime is the best time, on clean skin that is not wet, using a thin layer, and no lotion on top.  Formulation in the case of BPO is a huge issue - there are no BPO products at the drugstore that do not have either pore clogging or pore irritating ingredients!  Make sure you apply to entire areas that are usually broken out, not just on active blemishes - we want to prevent new breakouts, not use it as a spot treatment.  A Salicylic Acid gel is much better as a spot treatment for the occasional pimple.  Most importantly, inflamed breakout areas should be gently tapped with ice for 1-2 minutes, twice a day.  This really works!

7)  Once or twice a week (depending on your breakout level), use a clay mask on clean skin for 10 minutes - remember, if it dries in less than 10 minutes, you've applied too little clay.  Be generous.  Rinse well, then use your toner and moisturizer.

8) The best bet when it comes to acne is always going to be loose mineral makeup from an acne-aware brand that makes only mineral makeup, not from a national brand that makes a mineral version of makeup they already have.

And that's it !

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