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Zinc - Sulfur Mask

for oily or combination skin with more oil than dryness, use this healing, oil absorbing, cooling, and decongesting mask once or twice weekly to keep breakouts at bay.  may also be used as a nightly spot treatment to prevent new blemishes from getting too inflamed.

directions :  wash with cleanser, rinse very well, pat dry, then generously apply mask with fan brush (sold below) or fingers evenly, just enough to not see your skin underneath but not too much to waste it.  rule of thumb: if the mask dries in less than 10 minutes, you've applied too little.  wait 10 minutes, do not let dry, rinse well with cool water.  follow with toner then hydrator or sunscreen.  best when used directly after recommended exfoliant.  see at-home facial instructions for maximum benefit.

Mask Fan Brush

each    7.00

avoid waste by using this brush to apply your mask, allowing you to apply it more evenly and more precisely.

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2 oz            30.00

sample      5.00

Full size should last 3 months

Sample size contains two uses