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The Facials offered here at Daniela's Facial Studio are an exclusive part of an intensive, personalized acne clearing program specifically designed for adults over 24 years of age.  Using Daniela's "Sherlock Holmes" type approach, we start out with a comprehensive analysis of your skin's condition, followed by a complete overhaul of your home care routine with product recommendations based on your Evaluation, and 6 weeks' use of your new home care routine before your first facial.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial . . . . . . $120

For skin 24 years of age and older needing the Adult Acne Specialist !  Includes fruit enzyme and AHA exfoliation, expert extraction of more severe blackheads and breakouts, and treatment mask.  If you have normal t-zone blackheads with no significant breakouts, it's unlikely you need such an intense facial.  Daniela has several very skilled colleagues she will be thrilled to refer you to.  

Please note, since Daniela's specialty is Adult Acne, and since pores and oil glands don't finish developing until the age of 23, which means acne conditions at that age and younger all still considered Teen Acne, Daniela only accepts clients for facials and her Eval by Email® services who are 24 years of age and older.  For those who are younger than age 24 suffering with acne issues, product recommendations and fantastic advice are available at What About Teen Acne in the Advice section.

Rosacea Facial  . . . . . . . $110

Please note:  Rosacea care is very much about what happens at home.  Therefore, a Rosacea Facial has the same analysis and product purchase requirement as the Deep Pore Cleansing Facial.  For an overview of what Rosacea is and how to treat it, see "All About Rosacea".

Daniela's own method for calming and hydrating skin showing the ravages of the vascular disorder known as Rosacea.  Cleansing and exfoliating are gentle while calming and soothing ingredients such as sea whip, chinese licorice, chamomile and allentoin, are used to actively treat, rather than only focus on what not to do.  Perfect in conjunction with medical treatments and medications.  

Zit Zap . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 30

15 minute emergency treatment for 1 or 2 blemishes.  For more than 2 blemishes, a full facial will be required with at-home care.  Available for existing clients only.

Featuring superb professional and home-care products from

Mark Lees Skin Care and Daniela's own privately manufactured skin care

plus other skincare products handcrafted by Daniela herself

Eval by Email® Online Skincare Consultation Programs

Clients don't have to live in the Chicagoland area to benefit from Daniela's expertise!  Daniela can take care of Adult Acne and Sensitivity issues with product alone and ongoing consultations, boasting a growing nation-wide clientele through a unique online skincare coaching service called Eval by Email®, which features a full skin analysis by email with a complimentary Try-Me packet sent by first class mail, and highly personalized help every step of the way until your skin is clear.  Now also featuring Eval by Email® Lite, a free shortened version with product bundles and limited email coaching available.  For 24 years old and up in the U.S. only.

Skin Care for the Body

Back Facial . . . . . . . . .  $120

Same procedure as a facial but on the back.  Great for breakouts as well as dryness.  Daniela will send guidelines and product recommendations that must be followed for at least one month before your first appointment.

Waxing Services

1000 apologies, but Daniela is not taking any new waxing clients at this time, in order to fully focus on her Adult Acne and Sensitivity expertise.  Limited waxing services are available during facials; please email for prices.

Consultation Fees

Consultation fees only relate to continued correspondence for guidance and advice after not hearing from you for a period of time, or after stopping exclusive use of Daniela's products or starting prescription acne medications (not for Rosacea) which take the care of your skin out of Daniela's hands.

Continuing purchases of your full routine of products after your skin is clear and regularly checking in will allow you to have continued access to Daniela's expertise free of charge.  This is especially important as Adult Acne can come and go, as genetics can win out and hormonal changes are unpredictable and can occur at any time (including times of stress!).  

However, sometimes a little flexibility is required in order to cater to different needs for help and guidance.  For this reason, consultations with fees are offered so people can participate at the level they wish to!

Please feel free to email Daniela  to find out if a consultation fee applies to your situation.

For help with acne after no check-ins / product purchases for 6 months or more:

Eval by Email® Online Skincare Consultation Form

After not hearing from you and little to no purchase of a full routine of products (daily regimen including serum(s) and weekly regimen of masks) after 6 months or more, we will need to start again with the full Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program if you wish to resume regular correspondence for continued help with your acne clearing.*

*If you are only interested in finding out what to buy for your skin's current condition without extensive personalized guidance and advice, you may fill out the Eval by Email® Lite form, with no additional fees.  Please keep in mind that advice after purchasing products via the Eval by Email Lite program is far less detailed and personalized than the Adult Acne Clearing Program.

If you are local please note:  After not hearing from you for 6 months or more, you will need to fill out the full Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program form in order to book a facial.  You will also need to resume a full daily and weekly routine of products for use 6 weeks prior.

For help with your acne after no check-ins and/or inconsistent product purchases for 4-6 months:


To resume correspondence for help with acne clearing after not hearing from you, and/or product purchase history showing inconsistency in home care, for 4-6 months, a consultation fee of $60 will be charged.  After that, checking in monthly and maintaning a full daily and weekly regimen of Daniela's products will allow correspondence to continue free of charge, unless you are using outside facial skincare products (*see below). A new consultation fee will be charged for every 4-6 months of not checking in and/or inconsistent product purchases.

This allows flexibility for those whose skin is mostly or completely clear with the occasional breakout, or who cannot or do not wish to keep in touch as frequently for whatever reason.  

*If during this time you are using any outside facial skincare products, since this takes the care of your skin out of Daniela's hands, continued free correspondence for guidance and advice will only be resumed after the initial consultation fee once you have then purchased products from Daniela's webstore or Studio to replace what you've been using, as advice and guidance would be too limited without intimate knowledge of your facial skincare.  

If you are local please note:  Facial services will not be resumed until an entire daily and weekly routine from Daniela's webstore or Studio is used for a minimum of 6 weeks prior.  

For help with your acne after use of outside facial skincare products:


To continue email correspondence following introduction of outside facial skincare products into your routine for any reason other than proven allergy, a consultation fee of $60 will be charged.  If you have no plans to replace your outside facial skincare products after this initial consultation, Daniela will not be able to help you further with your acne issues, as there would be too many unknowns.

If you are local please note:  No facials will be booked until an entire routine from Daniela's webstore or Studio is used for a minimum of 6 weeks prior.

For help with your acne after starting prescription acne medications:


To continue correspondence after seeing a doctor and starting prescription* acne medication (not for Rosacea) and/or birth control specifically prescribed for treating your acne, a check-in with updated photos is available every two months at a fee of $60 each.  This fee includes guidance on tweaking your basic skincare routine as your skin changes, since use of Daniela's and Mark Lees' active products, including AHAs, BPO, Salicylic Acid, and most masks, will have to be discontinued.  If your doctor advises outside products for your basic daily routine, you may feel free to simply keep me posted without consultations (these emails will not be answered, but will be used to take note of your progress in your file).  However, should you wish to resume acne help after finishing with your doctor, you will need to start over with the Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program form.  No facials will be given while you are under a doctor's care for acne.  This does not apply to clients with Rosacea.

*Prescription acne medications include: birth control prescribed for the sole purpose of clearing your acne, oral and/or topical antibiotics, exfoliants like Azeleic Acid, and prescription retinols.  Testosterone blocking drugs and/or supplements will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  

For locals:  To avoid conflicts with prescription acne medications, you must inform Daniela if you plan on seeing a doctor of any kind for your acne at least 5 days in advance of your facial.

Facials will have to be discontinued, as prescription acne medications interfere with peels and extractions, and without active products or masks you will no longer be on the full skincare routine required.  Paid bi-monthly consultations would take the place of your facials.

For reasons of liability, Daniela will not be able to advise you on the use of your meds, nor on your acne condition, while you are under a doctor's care.  Side effects from your prescription acne medications and issues with effectiveness will have to be referred to your doctor.

On a budget?  Facials are important for removing debris from pores, but they're not more important than what you do at home!  Your acne will NOT clear effectively by saving on skincare products.  If you need to be discretionary with your spending, skip the facials!  You'll still get great results by becoming a Remote Client through Daniela's Eval by Email® programs.

What is the Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program?

        Step 1 :  Eval by Email® consultation (the most detailed, comprehensive skin

                         analysis for Adult Acne anywhere on the internet!)

        Step 2:  Purchase a full daily+weekly routine of Daniela's products

        Step 3:  First facial 6 weeks after starting your new skincare routine

        Step 4:  Check in monthly with your acne clearing progress so we can tweak  

                        your at-home routine; you will get the most tailored, entirely

                        personalized help every step of the way, with no extra fees* !

One $120 Online Consultation + One full routine of Daniela's products

+ One $120 Facial = As much as 4-6 facials elsewhere!

This provides the best path to the most effective acne clearing.  In addition to the personalized analysis provided by Daniela herself (not a computer algorithm!) plus advice about lifestyle changes, and makeup, hair care and body care that might be contributing to your problem (which elsewhere takes place over numerous facials), the full Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program begins with a complete Try-Me packet to test recommended products for adverse reactions, followed by monthly email communication to check in on your skin's progress.

Even if you move out of state, communication continues for as long as you remain a full participant in the program, keeping up with your monthly check-ins and product purchases.  *Please see Consultation Fees at the bottom of this page for cases where full participation is stopped for any reason.

Begin here with the Eval by Email® Online Skincare Consultation

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In order to book your first facial,  full participation in the Eval by Email® Adult Acne Clearing Program, including purchase of a daily and weekly routine of skincare products used for a minimum of 6 weeks, is required.

If you have normal t-zone blackheads with no significant breakouts, it's unlikely you need such an intense facial.  Daniela has several very skilled colleagues she will be thrilled to refer you to.