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Daniela's Soothing C Serum


this potently antioxidant, free-radical terminator helps to protect and repair the skin, helping to increase production of collagen to reduce the appearance of fine lines, pigmentation issues, mild redness, and moderate breakouts.  two forms of stabilized Vitamin C are partnered with super-antioxidant Green Tea, soothing Panthenol and hydrating Glycerin for a more complete repair and prevention of damage from environmental

assaults.  pair this serum with Alpha Hydroxy Acid and a broad-spectrum SPF for a

true anti-aging powerhouse!

directions : after toner, place 2-3 pumps into your palm, spread evenly with your entire hands, including neck and chest.  follow with sunscreen in the morning or hydrator at night.  if using an AHA, use your AHA in the morning and this serum at night if you have pore congestion.  if you don't have pore congestion, use your AHA at night and this serum in the morning.  without an AHA, this serum is best used in the morning, and must be followed with sunscreen, but can eventually be used twice a day if appropriate for your skin's issues.  ask Daniela for advice on what serum would be best for you for nighttime.

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