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Mark Lees

Strataserum Advance

for all skin types, this powerful serum boasts multiple stabilized antioxidants in special micro-liposomes for excellent delivery.  helps to clear up and prevent pigmentation issues and reduce fine lines.  vitamins C and E, Grapeseed and Green Tea Extracts round out this must-have for all skin types to fight signs of sun and breakout damage.

directions : twice a day.  after toner, place 1-3 pumps into your palm, spread using your entire hands while your toner is still wet, including your neck and chest.  follow immediately with sunscreen in the morning and hydrator at night.  if following with an AHA serum, massage in until this serum is absorbed before applying your AHA.

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1 oz             66.00

sample      7.00

Full size should last 2 months

Sample size contains two uses