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Advanced Repair Creme

improved formula!

directions : apply one to two full pumps using entire hands to massage into your skin.  this unique new formula lets you experiment with different amounts to see what your skin needs.  for optimal hydration apply over a hydrating serum.   for lines and sagging around the eye area, follow with a peptide eye product.

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1.7 oz         40.00

sample      5.00

for combination skin that is broken, extra dehydrated, and stressed, this amazing non-comedogenic crème contains the trifecta of barrier repair; Cholesterol, Ceramides, and Sphingolipids – all of which get lost when skin's natural barrier is compromised.  potent hydrators round out this lush moisturizer to get your skin back to optimal health, without clogging pores or worsening your breakouts.   this new formula is a bit thicker than the original,  spreads more easily, penetrates a bit more slowly with a kind of "slippery" feel  you might perceive as "greasy" but is truly not, and the hydration and softness last for hours longer! truly amazing results.

big news - this product is now vegan

Full size should last 3 months

Sample size contains one use