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Mark Lees

Calm & Restore

for sensitive, dry skin that is losing elasticity, this soothing lotion combines calming agents and moisture binders with firming ingredients to support young-looking skin.  this amazing lotion hydrates without greasiness, calms, soothes, and boosts pores' immune system and firms skin all at the same time.  don't forget to include your neck !

directions : to prevent redness caused by rubbing while applying, warm hands beforehand by rubbing them together.  apply almond-size amount to palm, distribute quickly onto your hands, then press gently over your entire face making sure to be as thorough as possible.  if skin is irritated and/or extra dry, follow with Intensive Lipid Serum, especially in very cold or very dry weather.  for lines and sagging around the eye area, follow with a peptide eye product.

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2 oz             68.00

sample       7.00

Full size should last 3 months

Sample size contains one use