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Daniela's Ingrown

Hair Triple Threat

for Ingrown Hairs and Body Breakouts

full instructions included

Full Size Kit                  52.00

Contains :

1 Full Size FerroRosa FrictionFix®

1 Full Size Rescue Gel

1 pair of exfoliating gloves

Trial Size Kit                20.00

Contains :

1 Travel Size FerroRosa FrictionFix®

1 Trial Size Rescue Gel

1 pair of exfoliating gloves

not everyone's ingrown hair problem or body acne problem is the same.  these trios are perfect for trying out, or just going for it and seeing how each full size works over a longer period of time.  it's ok to try each item one at a time, but most people find that using this three-pronged approach is best.  you can get a very good idea first of what may work for you by reading All About Ingrown Hairs.  for more personalized help, feel free to email Daniela about your particular situation.

FerroRosa FrictionFix® – anti-inflammatory body powder provides soothing protection between you and your clothing.  apply over entire affected areas every morning and again at mid-day. **Must be used daily for continued results**.

Rescue Gel – uses salicylic acid and sulfur to exfoliate and loosen hairs from within pores.  apply after shower and before bed.  wait one day after waxing to use.  great for larger red and painful blemishes.  works especially well for spot treatment after massaging painful blemishes with an ice cube.

Exfoliating Gloves – while the Rescue Gel exfoliates from inside pores, exfoliating gloves loosen dead cells and superficially impacted hairs from the surface.  use with gentle, circular motions, no need to be aggressive.  can be used on the rest of the body, as well (not for use on the face).  for faster results, using the SuperCleanse Wash will speed exfoliation from within pores.

for ingrowns involving hairs blocked by blackhead material without inflammation, use the Resurfacing Body Lotion after massaging in the Rescue Gel.

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