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Soothing Gel Mask

for sensitive, dehydrated skin with chronic redness, this treatment mask specially designed for sensitivity soothes senitivity breakouts and rosacea flare-ups as it brings immediate relief to dryness and irritation.  this remarkable non-setting gel is noted especially for providing long term desensitization over time when used regularly.

directions :  wash with cleanser, rinse well, pat dry, then generously apply mask with fan brush (sold below) or fingers evenly, enough to see the blue color of the mask on your skin.  wait 15 minutes (mask will not dry), use facial tissue to remove as much as possible, then rinse well with cool water.  follow with toner then hydrator or sunscreen.  see at-home facial instructions for maximum benefit.

Mask Fan Brush

each    7.00

avoid waste by using this brush to apply your mask, allowing you to apply it more evenly and more precisely.

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2 oz               30.00

sample         5.00

Full size should last 3 months

Sample size contains two uses