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Overnight Acne Lotion  Mask

directions :   every night or every other night, perform your nighttime routine, then either immediately after your routine, or just before bed, evenly apply enough over breakout areas or areas of excessive oiliness to see the lotion-mask on your face but still see your skin underneath.  leave on overnight, rinse thoroughly before your morning routine.  for use any other time of the day, leave on a minimum of 20 minutes.

please note for travel size:  if dried product begins to accumulate inside the spout of the travel size rendering it unusable, you may remove the spout by gently pulling it toward you, and use the rest of the product without it.  

1.7 oz                       35.00

Travel size            10.00

sample                      5.00

for nightly healing of breakouts caused by wearing protective face masks, general adult acne, or excessive oiliness.  this amazing lotion-mask can be used as spot treatment or over large areas to fight clusters of blemishes or moderate to severe acne.  a genius combination of clay mask and lotion, the addition of calamine, niacinamide, panthenol, sulfur, zinc oxide and special hydrators make this overnight mask truly unique and special.  non-drying, won't come off on your pillow, calms your skin down as it hydrates.  while this is meant to be worn overnight, this lotion-mask is totally ok to use any time you'd like, with no need to remove your nighttime lotion in order to apply.  this product is meant to boost your regular acne-clearing and maintenance routines.  for preventative and ongoing breakout control, it's best to have a good skincare routine with exfoliating and healing masks for at-home weekly facials.

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Full size should last 3-4 months

Travel size should last 2-3 weeks

Sample size contains 1-2 uses