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Daniela's Foaming B5 Wash

for slightly oily skin with dehydration, this richly foaming, soap-free gel helps hydrate dry, dehydrated skin during the cleansing process while still cleansing effectively.  Panthenol and Allantoin soothe as they protect from moisture loss, while dirt, makeup and dulling dead cells are rinsed from the skin's surface with rich, gentle cleansers.  

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directions :  this cleanser is very concentrated, so only a pea-size amount is needed.  massage over skin with wet hands in circular motions to work up a lather.  rinse very well with tepid water.  follow always with toner.  also removes makeup, although using a makeup remover sponge first is highly recommended.

for guys:   this cleanser also doubles as a shaving soap when used in dime- or nickel-sized amounts.

4.5 oz      25.00

1oz            7.00

sample    5.00

Large size should last 5 months

Travel size should last 1 month

Sample size should last 2-3 days