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Daniela's Poofy Sponge

Makeup Remover

this soft, strong, effective microfiber sponge uses just warm water to remove non-waterproof makeup including mascara (even tubing!) without tugging on your lashes!  micellar water may also be used for more stubborn makeup, with no need to be rough or press hard.  a white color was chosen so you can easily see how much makeup you have removed, while the oval shape was chosen to be easy to handle and navigate.  washes totally clean with antibacterial hand soap, and can be thrown in your washing machine every  week or every month depending on frequency of use.

directions for eyes :  saturate well with water, place over one eye for a minute to melt your mascara, then wipe gently in downward motions, rotating the sponge a little with every wipe.  follow with the other eye.  turn sponge over, wipe gently from outside to inside under each eye and rotate sponge a little to get every last bit of mascara.  with tubing mascara, place saturated sponge over eyes for a longer time to loosen tubes, then wipe gently.  wash with hand soap before using again to remove the rest of your makeup.

directions for the rest of the face :  saturate sponge well with water, wipe entire face gently using downward motions to remove the rest of your makeup.  rotate sponge and turn over to use a clean spot with every wipe.  if necessary, wash with handsoap if you need to use the sponge a second time to remove all makeup.   follow always with cleanser.

washing instructions :  wash thoroughly with antibacterial soap using your hands.  toss into your white laundry every 1-2 weeks depending on frequency of use.  this sponge should last 6 months to a year depending on frequency of laundering.

new video coming soon with a demonstration of the best way

to remove makeup using Daniela's Poofy Sponge!

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Poofy Sponge Oval Makeup Remover

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