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Mark Lees

Essential Daily Protection SPF 30

this comfortable, non-comedogenic creme is a broad-spectrum, hydrating sun protection moisturizer for combination skin that's a little more on the dry side.  however, those who need a litte more sun protection but have oily skin are able to wear this by massaging the skin a second time with dry hands after applicaiton.  the white cast common with darker skin tones can be eliminated the same way.  

directions :  apply a gumdrop-size amount over entire face, ears, and neck (including back of the neck!).  if more hydration is needed, use a hydrating serum underneath.  follow with SPF lip balm.

as with all sunscreens, maximum protection requires reapplication once in the middle of the day if indoors, once every 2-3 hours if outdoors.  don't forget to include your ears, neck and chest!

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2.5 oz          46.00

sample       5.00

Full size should last 3 months

Sample size contains one use