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Soothing Hydration Toner

for acquired sensitivity from over-drying acne medications, arrid weather, or overuse of exfoliants. all of these can compromise your skin's natural barrier, making your skin broken, dehydrated, and plagued with inflamed breakouts.  this pH-balancing toner soothes pore sensitivity, not just by calming, but by reparing with herbal antioxidants like Yerba Mate and Gotu Kola,

directions :   after cleansing, dampen skin with eyes closed, either by spraying 5-6 sprays directly onto face, or spraying hands and smoothing onto skin.  do not wait, or blot.  follow with Serum, Hydrator or Sunscreen as recommended, while skin is still wet with toner.  if using an AHA serum after toner without any other serum, pat with dry hands after applying toner to lessen dampness, then apply your AHA.  

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4.5 oz      25.00

1oz            7.00

sample    5.00

to correct and protect the skin as it hydrates.  soothes signs of irritation, reduces redness and blotchiness, all while leaving skin feeling hydrated and comfortable.

Large size should last 5 months

Travel size should last 1 month

Sample size should last 2-3 days