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Shine  Fix


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~ anti-inflammatory ~

~ oil absorbing ~

To Refill :  Unscrew the bottom of the brush.  Loosely fill with Shine.Fix Refill powder untill just below the threads of the inside of the container. DO NOT PACK POWDER IN. Very gently screw the cover back on, being careful not to stuff the tube into the powder inside, or you will jam the pump mechanism.

Upon first use, pump a few times to activate.  Note :  Push the button gently - if you pump it too hard, the powder can shoot out.  You will only have to pump every few uses.  A light coating is best.

This brush cannot be washed in water.  Washing in water will ruin the pump mechanism. To clean your brush, all you have to do is gently swipe back and forth on a damp paper towel or washcloth.  To sanitize, add a small amount of rubbing alcohol to the towel and swipe again. Let dry completely.

Wear alone to absorb oil and reduce redness and shine, or wear on top of makeup as a setting powder that will keep makeup lasting and shine-free for hours.  Just a light dusting - a little goes a long way!

This unique, fine powder can be used either without makeup for blotting oil and relieving shine and irritation, or to set makeup so you can be worry and shine free for hours.  It is specially designed for Adult Acne and oily skin of all colors as an alternative to those white silica setting powders, but without creating a white cast or shimmery-looking light reflection (which doesn't always suit oily skin and can irritate inflamed acne and sensitive skin).  This is why the color is peach, rather than clay white or calamine pink.

If you have your own brush, or would rather use a brush that can be washed under water, there is a beautiful, soft retractable brush sold below, and an empty shaker jar that you can fill with the Refill size.

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Shine  Fix Refill Bottle                26.00

Retractable Powder Brush        10.00

Silver Empty Shaker Jar               7.00

Shine   Fix Sample                         5.00

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Shine  Fix Pre-Filled Refillable Brush               35.00