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These little gems are more than they appear.  Read each description to see how these brushes and shaker jar can be used for more than what you might think!


Black Lid Shaker Jar

each    5.00

fill with loose powder or mineral makeup for on the go convenience, or to keep oil and shine at bay, fill with corn starch right from your kitchen !  use with the Retractable Dome Push-Up Brush shown below, or with your large makeup brush.

Retractable Dome Push-Up Brush

each    10.00

a perfect companion to your powder- or corn starch-filled Shaker Jar, or use with any blush,  bronzer or mineral foundation.

Lip/Concealer Brush with Cover

each    10.00

knowing a retractable brush for concealer really didn't exist, daniela searched high and low for a portable lip brush large enough to use for concealer but safe for carrying around in a bag.  of course this can be used for lip color, but being able to be so precise with concealer is a real boon.  cap can be attached to the brush end for extra length, and to prevent loss.

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