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Mineral Bronzer

full size  45.00     sample trio  5.00

These bronzers are very different.  They are not sheer, which means they can be used either as blush or overall color, depending on how much is used at a time.  For more subtle overall color, mix with mineral foundation by dipping your makeup brush back and forth between the two.  These bronzers have no shimmer, no sparkle.  Practice, play, have fun !

Designed specifically for Oily/Acne skin, this line of pure mineral makeup has no shimmery ingredients which can aggravate sensitivity, and no emollients or spreading agents that can aggravate acne.  Made with clay as well as the zinc oxide and titanium dioxide found in most mineral makeup, these mineral powders absorb oil, preventing shine and discomfort.

While there is no Mica, there is a cousin of Mica, called Sericite, that can irritate extremely sensitive skin, but not as much as Mica can, as Sericite has a much finer grain and scratches the skin less.  If your skin is very reactive and gets irritated from cosmetics within a few minutes of use, order samples of this makeup first and test it on your inner arm, then your jaw, then your entire face, with a 24 hour wait time between each, in case there is a delayed reaction.

Mineral Blush

full size  15.00     full trio  15.00

A little more sheer than the bronzers, these blushes take into account many skin colors, but you can mix and match to get your perfect shade.  They also have no shimmer and no sparkle, including the two Opal highlighters.

Warm Flush





Rose Glow


Pink Opal

Gold Opal

Warm Trio

Cool Trio



gold opal, warm flush, cinn'min

pink opal, swee'pink, dusty


Mineral Bronzer and Blush


Retractable Dome Push-Up Brush


each    10.00

a perfect companion to your powder- or corn starch-filled Shaker Jar, or use with any blush,  bronzer or mineral foundation.

Mineral Bronzer

Sample Trio

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Mineral Blush

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