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Too many acne lines treat your skin like it’s 16 years old, leading to desperate moisturizing that turns out to clog pores, and a vicious cycle ensues.  Other lines treat your acne so gently, it never clears at all.  With Sensitivity and Rosacea, too many product lines and facials do nothing more than use “hypoallergenic” labels while neglecting sensitized pores and capillary redness.

If you haven’t yet already, come experience Daniela’s cheerful, home-like atmosphere with knowledge, expertise and care for you and your skin, that you’ll find nowhere else.  If you live outside Chicago, explore this web site for the answers you need, then have your skin analyzed remotely by filling out the Eval by Email® Online Skincare Consultation Form at Daniela’s sister web site,

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September 1, 2016

Out of Town

(no facials, all photos are selfies taken at home)

October 19, 2016

April 2, 2017

November 20, 2016

(taken at home before Eval)

January 19, 2017

(taken in salon before first facial)

October 26, 2016

congested and dry

March 17, 2017

oil and congestion able

to come to the surface

May 2, 2017

less oil, less dry,

less congested

In Town (with facials)

March 13, 2017

oil and congestion able

to come to the surface

May 20, 2017

less oil, less dry,

no papules

December 11, 2016

dehydrated with

painful papules

March 13, 2017

(taken in salon before first facial)

May 20, 2017

(taken in salon before second facial)

December 9, 2015

(taken at home before Eval)

March 20, 2016

June 23, 2016

(with very light dusting of leftover powder)

October 11, 2015

(taken in salon before third facial, small amount of leftover makeup)

January 24, 2016

(taken in salon before fifth facial)

June 28, 2015

(taken in salon before first facial)