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Daniela's Eye Makeup Remover

4.5 oz      25.00

1oz            7.00

sample    FREE

directions :  for eyes use with cotton rounds sweeping outward from inner corner of eye to outer corner.  for the rest of the face, use as a pre-cleanse by working into a light lather and massaging over face.  rinse well, follow always with cleanser.

watch the video below for a demonstration on the best way to remove mascara.

a unique, lightly foaming makeup remover with calming plant extracts soothe the sensitive eye area, leaving it comfortably hydrated without an oily after-feel.  fragrance-free, oil-free, ophthalmologist-approved.  safe with contact lenses. will not sting or blur vision.  can also be used as a total makeup remover for the rest of the face by working into a light lather in your hands and rinsing with water before using your regular cleanser.  should not be used instead of cleanser regularly, but can be before working out.

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