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BHA/Enzyme Surface Peel

2 oz             33.00

sample      FREE

directions :   wash face with your cleanser, pat dry, then apply very generously.  leave on 5-7 minutes.  use tissue to remove as much as possible, then rinse well.  for deeper exfoliation, allow the product to semi-dry on the skin, then gently rub in circular or downward motions into your sink, and rinse well.  Use 1-3 times per week as recommended.

for breakouts with irritation, redness and congestion, or for sensitive skin  when scrubs or brushes are harmful, this amazing gel eliminates rough, flaky and congested skin, cools the skin to calm and diffuse visible redness, and heals the pore environment that leads to breakouts.  gently lifts unwanted pigmentation, dead surface cells and oxidized oil (aka blackheads) from within pores. contains exfoliating Salicylic Acid along with Pomegranate and Pumpkin enzymes, in a naturally exfoliating base of Algin and organic Locust Bean gum.  Nylon-12, an oil-absorbent micrograin originally developed to absorb oceanic oil spills, quickly degreases skin surface as it enhances the exfoliating action.  targets red, peeling, and visibly irritated areas common in acne-prone skin.

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