Why Daniela’s Skin Care Products ?  What’s Different ?

What’s the difference between skin

care products you get at the drug

store, department store or at a

salon such as Daniela’s Facial Studio ?

Especially for Adult Acne with

anti-aging concerns ?

Imagine a newly tested cough syrup

is shown to suppress cough in half

an hour with a dose of 1 teaspoon. 

According to FCC labeling laws, a

company can sell a syrup containing

this drug with any amount below

one teaspoon claiming it suppresses cough, as long as the claim doesn't include the time it takes for the drug to work using the full dose it was tested at.  Make sense? 

So, a drug store brand can sell it for less with 1/8 teaspoon and the rest sugar syrup, a department store can sell it with 1/4 teaspoon but package it in a fancy box and charge twice as much, but where do you get it with the entire amount the drug was tested at, the full teaspoon?  A private pharmacy can sell a cough syrup with the full teaspoon because of less advertising, non-fancy packaging and the reputation of the pharmacist at stake. 

The same goes for skin care, especially with all the active ingredients to choose from, plus all the non-active ingredients to fill out the bulk of the product (many of which can actually be just as important to efficacy as “active” ingredients). Even if department store brands do incredible research and come up with some amazing concepts, the final formulation of the products they sell at their counters will pale in comparison to the ingredients they test. That's part of the costs they have to recoup when selling their products at the counters.

General rule : Drug store skin care is formulated for price, department store skin care is formulated to recoup costs, and salon brands are formulated to support the individual reputation of the Esthetician.

In whom would you rather place your trust ? Advertising and marketing? Counter sales people who are taught to sell products? Or a licensed professional with extensive training who knows Adult Acne and the anti-aging concerns that come with it?

The products sold at Daniela’s Facial Studio and at Daniela.com are formulated with the purest ingredients present at the amounts they were tested at, with extra care and consideration given to pore clogging and sensitivity. 

Fragile ingredients like Vitamins A and C or antioxidant-rich plant extracts are stabilized to make sure they retain potency and are non-irritating. Special delivery vehicles are used that enhance penetration of product into the skin to achieve maximum results. Multi-functional antioxidants, standardized botanicals, phyto-nutrients and other performance ingredients that have been proven bio-effective in scientific studies are included at the same concentration as used in the studies.  These statements cannot usually be made about products you get elsewhere.

If you have sensitive skin or adult acne, and are also tired of clearing some of your acne only to get broken out again by anti-aging moisturizers and serums (especially after seeing they don’t work that well in the first place!), these products are for you. They can make a tremendous difference even without facials.  Get a free skin care consultation by filling out this form and tell me about your skin.   Let's work together to make it better !


“Clear Skin at Any Age”

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