Mark Lees Resurfacing Body Lotion

6 oz    40.00

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directions : use twice daily - after shower and before bed.  you must use sunscreen over this lotion, and for a week after stopping its use.

must not be used on almost waxed or just waxed skin – leave a 3-day window before and after waxing.

for ingrown hairs on the bikini line involving only hairs growing into the skin and hairs blocked by blackhead material; Keratosis Pilaris breakouts on outer arms and back of thighs; rough elbows, knees and heels; and overall dryness on body skin. this remarkable formulation smoothes, moisturizes, exfoliates and refines skin texture entirely without clogging pores. Glycolic Acid, exceptional hydrators, conditioning emollients and moisture-guarding agents work together to resurface and smooth the appearance of skin just about anywhere on the body.  this lotion should not be used on or near the face, eyes, neck, or mucous membranes.  apply twice daily, preferably to slightly damp skin when using for dryness issues.  non-comedogenic, has a light, natural, non-artificial fragrance. must not be used on almost waxed or just waxed skin – leave a 3-day window before and after waxing.

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