Daniela’s Pollution Solution

4 oz    25.00

1oz     7.00

Sample   FREE

directions :   after cleansing, saturate face with eyes closed, either by spraying directly onto face, or by spraying hands and smoothing onto skin lightly. no need to blot. follow with Complex, Serum, Hydrator or Sunscreen as recommended, while the skin is still wet with toner. 

balances and heals polluted, clogged and damaged skin, including skin suffering from Rosacea.  neutralizes the effects of tobacco smoke, smog and other airborne pollutants with an exclusive blend of skin-defending Malachite, Seaweed and Plant extracts.  fortified with antioxidant CoQ10, White Tea, provitamin A and stabilized Vitamins C and E for added surface defense.  skin feels moist, looks fresh, radiant and healthy, regardless of the environment.  also balances pH (acidity level) so your skin doesn’t have to overproduce oil to balance itself, resulting in fewer blackheads and blemishes.  sprays on so you can apply your hydrator directly on top to take advantage of the extra moisture.  **do not use if allergic to shellfish or iodine**

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“Clear Skin at Any Age”

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