DANIELA’S is a trademark of Daniela’s Esthetics, Inc.

d/b/a Daniela’s Facial Studio

DANIELA’S FACIAL STUDIO (and facial image) is a federally registered trademark of Daniela’s Esthetics, Inc.

“Clear Skin at Any Age”

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Daniela’s Facial Studio


is located beneath

Restoration Salon

(773-327-2151, call them, they’re fabulous, and now have two more locations!)

on Sheffield,

just south of Webster,

on the east side of the street,

(please leave time for street parking and traffic,

especially on game days)


around the back...

and down the stairs...

to your left...

Welcome !

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Come on in !

If the door is locked, it means I’m either with a client, or haven’t opened yet.  In inclement weather, please arrive closer to your appointment time.