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Every beauty professional has passion.  Some have passion for pampering, some for style and flash, some are passionate about wrinkle removal, some love everything alternative and natural.  Daniela has a passion for pores.

Every salon offers facials for adult acne.  But not everyone gets the education and knowledge necessary to address breakout problems in every decade of life besides adolescence.  Anti-aging products with the latest technology? Occasional dryness in the winter?  Products that address these issues are almost always inappropriate for adult skin that breaks out easily!  Most lines use base ingredients that clog pores like crazy.

Adult acne is one of the most misunderstood and most difficult of all skin problems because too many skin care lines either treat your skin like it’s 16 years old or treat it so gently the problem doesn’t get solved long term, or even at all. And let’s not forget sensitivity and Rosacea!  Most product lines and facials do nothing more than use “hypoallergenic” labels while their products don’t do anything for sensitized pores or capillary redness.

Daniela has spent over 16 years perfecting her knowledge and techniques. With her exclusive skin care line, Daniela’s Skin Care  plus Mark Lees Skin Care, you can finally get educated yourself on your skin and how to keep it clear and beautiful into your thirties and beyond. Cleansers that clean without stripping, moisturizers and sunscreens that won’t clog pores yet keep the skin hydrated and functioning properly, sensitive skin products that actively calm skin down, and effective anti-aging products using the latest and best in skin care technology that everyone can use, including those who suffer mild to moderate acne.

If you haven’t yet already, come experience Daniela’s cheerful, homelike atmosphere with knowledge, expertise and care for you and your skin that you’ll find nowhere else.  If you live outside Chicago, explore this web site for the answers you need, then have your skin analyzed remotely by filling out the Eval by Email Online Skincare Consultation Form at Daniela’s new sister web site,

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