FerroRosa FrictionFix®

anti-inflammatory body powder

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directions :  sprinkle onto hands or cotton-round, apply medium coat to affected areas before getting dressed each morning, and again before any rigorous activity or prolonged sitting. **must be used every day for continued results**this powder has an intense pink color, which may come off on clothing, but will not stain.  for clearing severe individual ingrown hairs, apply Daniela’s Rescue Gel with salicylic acid and let absorb before applying FrictionFix.

for diminishing and prevention of ingrown hair problems and lower body breakouts that involve appearance of redness and inflammation, this amazing powder hand-crafted by Daniela was painstakingly developed and tested over four months. beta-testers reported relief of ingrown hair problems at their bikini lines and other areas within one week with consistent daily use.  powerful calamine, zinc oxide and allantoin (a derivative of comfrey root), plus oil- and moisture-absorbing French pink kaolin clay and corn starch give this powder its pink color as well as its soothing and healing qualities, while working to protect the skin from friction caused by textured clothing and pressure. 

for ingrown hairs involving only blackhead material, this powder should be used in combination with a benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid body wash with exfoliating spa gloves, along with an AHA lotion.  For more extensive instructions on taking care of ingrown hair problems and other body breakouts, please read All About Ingrown Hairs.

this powder is also fantastic for relieving itch on contact from clothing, regrowth of hair or razor burn.  may also be used for chafing between the thighs, bra line and stomach.   please be aware this powder can come off on clothing, but will not permanently stain.

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