Facts about waxing

Follow these tips for easier waxing

•Hair needs to be at least half an inch, or half the length of your thumbnail, to be long enough for waxing.  There are those who say a quarter inch is sufficient, but this length can hurt more.

•You may take a pain reliever before your appointment, not to be alarming – truth is it really doesn’t hurt that much, but keep a few things in mind;  Aspirin and Ibuprofen work by thinning the blood, which can result in increased chance of bleeding your first time, and increased redness every time.  However, most waxing clients who have taken pain reliever before waxing swear by Ibuprofen.  It’s up to you.  If you’re more comfortable taking Tylenol, you’ll be fine either way.  Take your pain reliever one half hour before your appointment.

•Exfoliating every time you shower with exfoliating gloves will allow the hair to slide more easily out of the follicle, getting a better result.

•Moisturizer is not necessary before waxing on most body parts, especially the bikini line. Your perspiration provides enough moisture there.  However, it’s not a bad idea for legs and forearms.  It’s actually very helpful for knees.  Sometimes your skin there can be so dry, the wax sticks to that skin and it won’t come off easily. Using moisturizer the morning of your leg or arm waxing appointment actually makes things easier.

•Your skin can be more sensitive from 5 days before to 5 days after your period.  However, there is absolutely NO reason to cancel your appointment if you’ve gotten your period ! Waiting a week or more, and therefore having more hair at the time to wax, can hurt more than the slight increase in sensitivity during menstruation. Let’s put it this way – if you’ve been to people who’ve told you not to come when you’re getting or have your period, it’s either because they’re making more of the pain than is necessary, or they’re grossed out.  If they’re grossed out by it, sorry, they’re in the wroooong business ! Please be aware that because it’s ok by me, the cancelation policy is in full force with cancelation due to menstruation.  Having said that, if you are especially sensitive, like such bad PMS you’re in bed, or you don’t wear tampons, try to schedule your appointments around ovulation and come every 4 weeks instead of what I recommend, which is every 3.

•Now, why 3 weeks ?  Hair grows in different stages.  What has just been waxed is not the first hair that grows in – the hair that grows in is the hair that was in the dormant stage at the last wax.  When waxing is done every 3 weeks, the hairs are not allowed to finish their growth cycles and they start to catch up with each other in growth, making the length of time it takes for hair to start showing increase.  Isn’t that why you’re waxing in the first place ?

•If hair is the proper length BUT you’ve been shaving, it might hurt a bit more as all the hairs are blunt.  Stop shaving at least 2 to 2-1/2 weeks before getting waxed.  After 1 or 2 more times, the hairs will all be tapered, so it won’t hurt as much.

•Because of differing stages of growth, waxing hurts less on a regular schedule since there isn’t as much hair to take.  This is why it seems like waxing causes hair to get thinner. It doesn’t actually, there’s just less hair growing at a time. Plus it’s tapered, not blunt, so it looks thinner.  Still, myths and slight pain aside, it’s a very worthwhile process.

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