Skin Care for the Face

  featuring superb professional and home-care products from Mark Lees Skin Care and Daniela’s™ own
privately manufactured skin care and 
handcrafted aromatherapy products

Personalized Facial . . .   $70
(60 min.) This basic facial includes thorough cleansing followed by an enzyme mask activated by steam for more gentle yet deeper exfoliation, gentle extraction of minor congestion where necessary followed by calming of the extracted areas, customized mask of either clay, crème, seaweed, mud, oatmeal or a mixture of all these, then toning and customized moisturizing - all personalized for your own skin type and condition.

Deep Pore
Cleansing Facial . . . . . .  $80
(75 min.) For skin needing the Adult Acne Specialist. Includes extraction of more severe blackheads and treatment of mild to moderate acne. Similar to the Personalized Facial but with greater concentration on breakout areas and congestion.   If you have only normal blackheads on your t-zone area, you may not need such an intense facial.

Rosacea Facial  . . . . . . .  $85
(75 min.) Daniela’s own exclusive method for calming and hydrating skin showing the ravages of the vascular disorder known as Rosacea.  Cleansing and exfoliating are gentle while calming and soothing ingredients like Sea Whip, the most anti-inflammatory marine ingredient known to date, Chinese licorice, chamomile and cooling algae are used to actively treat the problem rather than focus on what not to do.  Perfect in conjunction with medical treatments and medications.

Zit Zap . . . . . . . . . . . . . $ 20
15 minute emergency treatment for 1 to 2 blemishes using High Frequency electric current and mask.  If you have more than two blemishes, you will need to book a full Facial.

Glycolic Treatment . . .   $15
A blend of 6 Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids that together exfoliate, smooth, clear and correct like nothing else.  Great for preventing breakouts, smoothing fine lines, clearing many pigmentation problems and giving an over-all improved appearance of the skin.  Added to either of the above facials only when recommended.

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