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Every February I take a little spa vacation in Lake Geneva, WI.  I go to several places for spa services, which are quite the usual as resort spas go, but the place I stay at I like so much I take brochures home and give them out to people wanting a nice and close get-away.  This place is classified as a B&B as they bring breakfast to your room, but it’s situated like a motel - except that instead of a motel full of suites, each suite is its own cottage.  Included is a living room with a table and two chairs, a couch with a chaise, a flat-screen TV and dvd player and fireplace, a nicely equipped kitchenette, a bedroom with a king size bed that’s actually comfortable, and a bathroom with huge Jacuzzi tub, heated ceramic tile floor, heated towel rack, heated toilet seat and multiple shower-heads in the shower.  All for a very reasonable price depending on the time of year and days of the week.  Worth every penny either way.

Seven Oaks Lake Geneva

The logo for my FerroRosa FrictionFix® was done by the very creative, talented, prompt and intuitive Lindsay Muller.  Contact her for any of your graphic design needs.  She’s truly a pleasure to work with.  She also does fabulous web site design !

Lindsay Muller Designs

If you’ve been to Daniela’s Facial Studio, you might have seen a sign in the bathroom relaying the advice to put a filter on your bathroom sink and shower, in order to combat the dehydrating effects of hard water and chlorine on the skin. For the sink I recommend Pur over Brita, but for the shower, I recommend the UltimateShower filter, that fits right onto your water pipe, replacing your shower head completely with an all-in-one unit.  Change the filters every 3-6 months depending on use, and your skin and hair will thank you for it !

Ultimate Shower

With constant leaning over clients and my computer, and getting to the age I am (yes, I really am almost 50), my body is completely shot.  I’ve been under the care of several physical therapists over the years, but none has been as intuitive, attentive or as caring as my dear client Dana Sacker.  She actually specializes in fertility and women’s health issues in her physical therapy practice, using a really cool method called Mercier Therapy, yet she was still able and willing to help me with my SI Joint and Sciatic issues.

Flourish Physical Therapy

“Clear Skin at Any Age”

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